Halloween: Alien Makeup

I recently put a Poll on my Instagram Story asking whether you'd like to see SCARY or PRETTY Halloween Makeup next... And Scary won by a pretty slim percentage. I did do a pretty look too, which you can find on Instagram here.

I think this is pretty scary?! My husband definitely thought so haha. I really wanted a look that didn't look like me - at all. So heres the process, pictured below:

1. I am using a latex bald cap stuck down with Spirit Gum, and I also blocked my eyebrows using Gluestick (Elmers), and translucent powder from RCMA.

2. Using Liquid Latex and cotton I made Spines running along my cheeks and forehead. I used a blowdryer to speed up the drying process.

3. Next I mixed a little green, a little black and a TON of white and painted the whole thing. I used Makeup Forever Flash Palette. I also created my new giant eyes with black. I set everything with Eyeshadow from Forever 21 to intensify the colour. 

4. By this point I am just adding in details - Black and Blue contouring, body paint and later some black spots, thin black lips, and some details around the eyes to make them look more realistic.

5. Done! Little Green Woman. I never did completely make the line of my bald cap disappear, so if you have any bald cap knowledge help a girl out and drop it in the comments :)

Happy Halloween!

alien makeup