Review: Fenty Galaxy

More than once I have been asked: "If you could do anyones makeup, who would it be?" The answer is always: Rihanna. She is not only one of the most beautiful people on Earth, but she is boldly an individual, fearless in fashion, and never predictable. Her new makeup line Fenty Beauty has been received in the Makeup World with overwhelmingly positivity; praised for her mission of inclusion by STARTING her foundation line with 40 shades. All that being said, I really expected to love her line, and from my limited experience so far I am impressed - with some exceptions. I love the shape of the Lip Applicator wand (photo below), and the colour and pigment are intense and beautiful.

The Galaxy Palette has a wide range of colours with no mattes, and they vary in sheerness as well. I think that may have been what surprised me the most. You'll find my swatches below, and you can see that some colours pop immediately, while others definitely require a wet brush and several coats. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean you have to really get to know this palette when deciding what look youre doing. 

Overall Impression 3.5/5 Fun colours, variety of finishes, good way to keep your looks interesting.

Versatility 3/5 - You have to want glitter/shimmer. There are literally no mattes, so you'd have to have another palette to do a full look.

Colour Payoff 4/5 Some amazing, some sheer, but to be fair, thats exactly what the palette claims on the website.

Packaging 5/5 Oil slick colouration, emerald cut. Interesting diamond shaped shadows on the inner layout. Come on. Too damn beautiful.

Extras 5/5 Colour names are cute ( I used "Mars on Fire" and "Milky Way") and its a easy way to incorporate glitter without using loose glitter and getting it everywhere. I found the kickback on this palette not intense at all which is impressive with glitter shades. Kickback drops down to nothing if you wet your brush.

Total Score: 20.5/25

Have you guys tried this one? Leave me comment if you have feedback about it, or something else you'd like me to review!


fenty galaxy swatches
Fenty Beauty Review